Calvin Barry Representing Victoria and Jason Small in Emotional Animal Abuse Case

Calvin Barry was recently hired to respresent Victoria and Jason Small, who have been accused of animal cruelty and abuse causing death. This case made national headlines last spring when 28 dead or abused horses were discovered on a rented farm in Stouffville, Ontario.

Calvin Barry was in court recently, where his clients did not appear.

“The Smalls are not required to appear for these hearings and it’s not unusual for accused to steer clear of what could be considered a “hostile” environment”, Barry said.

“Anytime there are cases with heated debate, with political issues and victims, emotions can be stirring outside the courtroom or parking lot.”

The Smalls have a right to due process and are presumed innocent until proven guilty, he added.

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Calvin Barry Professional Corporation is a Proud Sponsor of Gloves Up Toronto

Calvin Barry Professional Corporation was proud to sponsor Gloves Up Toronto last night at the Rebel Nightclub.

Gloves Up Toronto was a night to benefit Toronto Beyond the Blue in memory of Darius Garda.

Toronto Beyond the Blue (TBTB) is an independent, registered charity, with the support of the Toronto Police Service and the Toronto Police Association, dedicated to serving spouses & families of Toronto police officers/civilian members. They strive to promote an awareness of their officer’s worth as well as an understanding of the joys and struggles that are uniquely experienced in a life in law enforcement.

To donate to Toronto Beyond the Blue, please visit:

Reliable Ways to Know If Someone Is Lying

It can be very damaging to suspect that someone is lying but knowing how to identify logical suspicions from those which may not have real basis can be very freeing. It is no secret that everyone is capable of lying and in some instances, lying can cause no harm, however in business and in some facets of personal interactions, knowing how to spot a lie is definitely an asset. Below are some tells that you can use to know if someone is lying.

Overuse of Qualifying Language

Persons who are lying often want to remind others that there is no way they could be lying. This goes with them using phrases like “in absolute honesty…”, “I swear on ___”, and so on. They work so hard to emphasize that they’re telling the truth to cover up their lies.

Too Consistent Stories

Contrary to popular belief, a person who is telling the truth may tell slightly varying stories because when someone retells a story, doing so is actually a recounting of the last time the story was told. Having no changes at all may mean that the story is a rehearsed version of the truth. Nothing more than a fabrication.

Emphasized Nos

When someone places an emphasis on the word no, either by changing expression, tone, or body language when saying it, it is a tell that they are lying because their body knows they are not telling the truth and thus acts out. Examples are closing eyes or slowly blinking while saying no, saying no with hesitation, or saying no in a prolonged manner.

Suspicious Expressions

Someone who is lying may act in a way that is contrary to the way they usually do. Example is a person who is usually soft spoken but now suddenly tells a story with a loud voice and lots of arm movements. Other signs are fake smiles, blinking too much, blushing, or flushing. Remember though that these are just possible indicators and do not guarantee that someone is lying.

Repeating Your Question

This could be an attempt to stall, to fake a response, or a play to make it seem like the person wants to give a sincere response. Though this can just be because someone didn’t hear the question correctly, repeated use can help you identify a liar.

Wanting to Put an End to Everything

Lying is psychologically, physically, emotionally, and mentally taxing so a person who is lying will understandably not want to have to lie again by forcing the conversation to end as soon as possible. An abrupt change of subject or refusing to address some things are also under this.

Too Many Superlatives

Liars often insist on peppering their speech with unnecessary words to distract you, make their argument seem more valid, or to shut you down.

Incongruent Emotions

Someone who is sad shouldn’t be smiling when talking and someone who’ve just heard about a terrible news wouldn’t be cracking jokes about it. Inconsistencies with speech and emotion is a huge clue that someone may be lying.

By Haywood Hunt & Associates Inc – Private Investigators in Toronto and Mississauga

Impaired Driving Charges in Canada and Related Charges

Impaired driving charges are the most common criminal offences in Canada. It is not unheard of for someone who is a ‘good’ person to have a DUI charge when found to be driving while having a blood alcohol level of over 80.

Impaired Driving Charge in Canada

A DUI charge in Canada is a serious offence no matter how relatively common it is. It is considered even graver when charged with more than one charge such as when found to be doing so in several instances. A conviction or a guilty plea will result to a criminal record that can affect one’s ability to get a loan, travel, buy property, and get jobs.

For the above reasons, it is best to refrain from divulging personal information or providing sensitive details to the authorities until you’ve spoken to a DUI lawyer when found to be driving under the influence. It is your right to tell the police that you want to speak with your lawyer first after they inform you that you’re being arrested or being detained for a DUI.

The timeline as well as the details of your arrest and DUI charge will determine the outcome of your case. Know that despite being a relatively common criminal offence, a DUI charge is going to stick to your name for a very long time if handled the wrong way. Your actions as well as your DUI lawyer’s knowledge are key factors in helping minimize the impact of the criminal charge on your life now and on your future.

How a DUI Lawyer Can Help You

Aside from helping make sure that your life won’t be derailed from having a criminal charge against you, the right DUI lawyer will also:

  • Meet with you and give you advice on the many issues that may be cause by a DUI charge
  • Review the evidence provided by the Crown Attorney’s office
  • Help you understand the presented evidence as well as check for inconsistencies with your version of the incident
  • Assess legal arguments from the above and formulate possible defences for the charge(s) against yourself
  • Make further requests for evidences that may not be provided initially
  • Attend court on your behalf
  • Negotiate and discuss the case with the assigned prosecutor
  • Seek to have the charges against you withdrawn or try to reach an acceptable outcome without going to trial
  • Attend formal negotiations before a charge (go to judicial pre-trials on your behalf)
  • Prepare for your trial including preparing you, your legal argument, and documents for examinations
  • Attend trial to seek dismissal of charges or reduction of charges
  • Work to mitigate your sentence if you’ve been found guilty

Understand that a DUI charge and related charges can be filed against you but a skilled DUI lawyer can look into every detail and determine if a certain piece of evidence was improperly obtained or not. Every detail counts!

Do you need assistance handling an impaired driving charge or related charges in Canada? Contact Toronto Criminal Lawyer Calvin Barry! Calvin Barry Law has been helping people charged with impaired driving charges for years!

Calvin Barry Featured in Acclaimed Documentary Prison Pump

Calvin Barry was recently featured in the new CBC documentary Prison Pump that aired on September 28th.

In Prison Pump, veteran documentary director Gary Lang shows us Vivar’s determination not only to survive this serious setback but to thrive on this new life path and finally become a role model to the sons he thought he’d never see again.

Prison Pump tracks the development of 25/7—the innovative fitness program Vivar developed in prison—which is now saving lives by both promoting healthy living and providing an outlet for ex-convicts who are struggling to re-enter society.

Watch the full documentary here:

Do You Really Need a Lawyer When Buying or Selling Property in Ontario?

Buying or selling a home, no matter how small, is a huge financial transaction wherein small mistakes can prove to be costly. It is in your best interest to make sure that your real estate transaction will not end up in a nightmare by getting legal help from a professional.

Real Estate Lawyers, To Hire or Not to Hire?

Real estate lawyers prevent you from making costly mistakes and doing anything that can have a disastrous outcome when buying or selling property. To do this, a real estate lawyer’s roles involve the following.

Review the Agreement of Purchase and Sale

The Agreement of Purchase and Sale is a binding contract that is also the starting point of the selling and buying process. Though a lawyer is not needed to sign this, a lawyer can make sure that you understand the terms therein and that your rights and wishes were respected before you sign anything. You may tell your real estate agent that the APS will have to be approved by your lawyer prior to you signing the document. Your lawyer can request for a revision or add certain clauses that will make sure to protect your rights and best interests.

Perform Due Diligence

Your lawyer can check the property titles to make sure that the legitimate owner is selling it or that there are no issues on the property if you’re the one selling it. In the event any issues were found, no matter how small, your real estate lawyer may advise you on the risks involved and what can be done to mitigate those risks.

Guide You Through the Entire Transaction

A good real estate lawyer will be by your side for every step of the way in buying or selling a home. Your lawyer will review all paperwork, make sure that fees are paid to the right individuals, and that the right taxes are paid. Your lawyer will also inform you of possible fees early on in the transaction to make sure that you won’t be caught off-guard with the numerous fees together with the closing costs. Your lawyer may also help you secure a land title insurance to make sure that you’re covered for every possible mishap.

Prepare Your Mortgage and Title Documents

Your real estate lawyer will typically prepare your mortgage instructions and your title documents, register your mortgage and the transfer deed upon closing, and make sure that the closing is properly documented for legal purposes.

In view of all of the above, hiring a real estate lawyer is an investment that can save you a lot of time and money as well as help you avoid the risks that come with selling or buying a home. A good lawyer won’t be cheap, but the peace of mind that you’ll get is priceless.

Calvin Barry Professional Corp Sponsors OPP Fundraiser

We were proud to sponsor a hole at the Andy Potts Memorial Tournament on Thursday, September 20th.

Provincial Constable Andrew J. Potts was a proud member of the Ontario Provincial Police. Andy had served the people of Ontario for seven-and-a-half years, initially serving at the Pickle Lake Detachment in 1998. While in Pickle Lake Andy received the Commissioner’s Citation for life saving. Andy returned home to Muskoka in 1998.

On 20 July, 2005 Constable Potts and his partner Constable Matt Hanes responded to a call for service while serving the people of Muskoka. While enroute to this call the officers were involved in a motor vehicle collision. Constable Potts did not survive and his partner was seriously injured.

The Andy Potts Memorial Foundation now includes three fundraising events; The Andy Potts Memorial Golf Tournament, Andy’s Ride and this year the inaugural Andy’s Snowshoe Poker Run. Family and friends have created these events to celebrate Andy’s life and give back to the community that he loved and served.

To learn more about the Andy Potts Memorial Foundation, please visit: