Calvin Barry was Proud to Judge the 2019 Osgoode Cup

Calvin Barry was proud to once again judge the 2019 Osgoode Cup. The annual competition took place at Osgoode Hall on March 2nd.

The Osgoode Cup National Undergraduate Mooting Competition is an annual tournament intended to introduce undergraduate students to mooting, a form of public speaking common in law school. Held for the first time in 2005, the Osgoode Cup has a long tradition. The tournament takes place at Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Participants will compete in pairs of two presenting before a panel of judges with regard to an appeal or motions case. As a case before appeal it is a ‘lawyer’s court’ without witnesses or juries where the facts are generally not in dispute but rather the focus is on legal issues.

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Canadians Who Have Been Convicted for Pot Use Can Now Apply for a Pardon

This is great news for Canadians! This is something Calvin Barry has wanted, even back when he was a Crown Prosecutor, as everyone deserves a second chance, especially when social norms evolve and it has been legalized since the fall of next year.

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