Why Hire a Lawyer When Facing Charges of Domestic Violence and Domestic Abuse?

Charges of domestic violence and domestic abuse are treated with zero-tolerance Crown policies in Ontario. With the stigma and assumptions faced by those accused of domestic violence or domestic abuse, it is best to be fully informed before making key decisions on how to proceed. A small step can lead to a big mistake, which is why the best initial step is to hire a lawyer who is experienced in handing cases of domestic violence and domestic abuse to ensure that things are handled properly.

Domestic Abuse and Domestic Violence in Canada

When the Crown determines that a situation is of a ‘domestic’ nature, the approach to the case gets a higher degree of seriousness. While this is good news for a victim in such a case, the person charged will face increased difficulty getting bail, going back home, and possibly going back to work. This is because it is a common belief that an abuser will probably hurt the victim again and often with increased severity. This concern is very real and valid but can make life very difficult for the accused who was not yet proven guilty.

Why Hire a Domestic Abuse or a Domestic Violence Lawyer?

Charges of abuse come with a multitude of legal issues which can give rise to more issues and life-long consequences if not addressed effectively as soon as they crop up. An experienced domestic violence lawyer will be able to explain what to expect, what not to do, what can be done as part of the defence, and how to get bail as soon as possible. A good lawyer will also be able to resolve matters as discreetly as possible so that both parties can go back to normal life soon with the least amount of negative long-tern consequences.

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Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre Warns of the Following COVID-19 Scams

Covid-19 seems to be everywhere and so are fraud attempts and scams that are related to it. It isn’t new that fraudsters typically take advantage of times when people are confused to create more mayhem and cash-in from fear. Creative fraudsters do not care about what happens tomorrow, they only care about benefitting themselves and will exploit any avenue to do so, even the outbreak of Covid-19.

Covid-19 Scams

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre and local police departments have been performing COVID-19 fraud investigations and are warning people about the rise of fraudulent activity, particularly those that are related to Covid-19 which are spreading faster than the virus itself. The warning talks about fraudsters profiteering from consumer’s uncertainties, misinformation, and fears. Below is a list of Covid-19 related scams to watch out for.

Quick Covid-19 Tests

Note that testing for Covid-19 is only done by hospitals because they are the only ones authorized to do so. Beware of fake kits and swabbing procedures that are being sold for a premium.

Essential Products Hoarding and Selling

This activity has many faces. Some consumers have hoarded essential products to sell later at a much-inflated cost. Some people are taking advantage of consumers who are stocking up by knowingly selling fraudulent or expired products at a bargain. There are people selling products that they claim can ward off the virus or provide a miracle cure. Even U.S. Federal agencies have warned the public about this and government agencies are clarifying that no such product exists yet.  And lastly, some scam artists create ads selling products that do not exist and they do not intend to send once payment has been made. It is best to be wary of products that are priced too high or too low or are promising results that are too good to be true.

Fake Anti-Covid-19 Filters and Cleaning Services

Believe it or not, some scheming heating and cleaning companies came up with fake services that offer Covid-19 filters and other similar claims just to drum up business.

Fake Calls About Hydro/Power Disconnection

Fraudulent individuals started making calls to people claiming their hydro or power could be disconnected if they do not pay them or agree to a special deal, claiming that the victim is behind with his/her bills.

Fraudulent CDC and WHO People

The World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will never offer to sell access to a list of infected people nor offer tests for sale.

False Calls from Public Health Agency of Canada

Fraudsters are pretending to be from Public Health Agency of Canada and calling people to tell them that they’ve tested positive for Covid-19; and that to get access to a prescription and treatment, they will have to comply with providing their credit card and health card numbers.

Phishing Emails from Fake Government Agencies

Some scam artists are sending phishing emails that look like they are from government agencies. The emails are asking for personal details such as financial details and other sensitive data.

This list just contains some of the most common scams that are related to Covid-19. Know that anything that could be too good to be true and cannot be verified through reliable sources are likely to be scams or misinformation. If you’ve fallen victim to what you think may be a Covid-19 scam, be sure to report to the proper authorities.