Calvin Barry Fundraiser for the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre a Huge Success

At Calvin Barry Professional Corporation Criminal Lawyers, we’re very proud of the work that Calvin and his wife Sophie have done towards raising money for the Thunder Bay RHSC over the years.

This years fundraiser, which took place July 5th at the Courthouse Hotel raised a total of $8,035, which will go towards purchasing much needed specialized urology equipment needed in the operating room. Calvin and Sophie were generous enough to cover all the expenses for the event, so the full amount raised can go directly to purchasing the equipment. It was a night of fun, laughter, live music, food and drinks, with special guest Dr. Hazem Elmansy.

For more information on the Thunder Bay RHSC and for information on how to donate, please visit:

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Calvin Barry is a Proud Supporter of the CNIB. Here’s How You Can Help

Calvin Barry is proudly on the CNIB Donor Honour Roll for his past year’s support.

Celebrating 100 years in 2018, the CNIB Foundation is a non-profit organization driven to change what it is to be blind today.

They deliver innovative programs and powerful advocacy that empower people impacted by blindness to live their dreams and tear down barriers to inclusion. Their work as a blind foundation is powered by a network of volunteers, donors and partners from coast to coast to coast.

The CNIB Foundation, Vision Loss Rehabilitation Canada and CNIB Deafblind Community Services make up the CNIB Group.

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Calvin Barry was Proud to Judge the 2019 Osgoode Cup

Calvin Barry was proud to once again judge the 2019 Osgoode Cup. The annual competition took place at Osgoode Hall on March 2nd.

The Osgoode Cup National Undergraduate Mooting Competition is an annual tournament intended to introduce undergraduate students to mooting, a form of public speaking common in law school. Held for the first time in 2005, the Osgoode Cup has a long tradition. The tournament takes place at Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Participants will compete in pairs of two presenting before a panel of judges with regard to an appeal or motions case. As a case before appeal it is a ‘lawyer’s court’ without witnesses or juries where the facts are generally not in dispute but rather the focus is on legal issues.

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Canadians Who Have Been Convicted for Pot Use Can Now Apply for a Pardon

This is great news for Canadians! This is something Calvin Barry has wanted, even back when he was a Crown Prosecutor, as everyone deserves a second chance, especially when social norms evolve and it has been legalized since the fall of next year.

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Calvin Barry is Proud to Support Cops for Cancer

Calvin Barry is proud to support Andrew Stewart in his fundraiser drive for Cops for Cancer. Proceeds from this fundraiser will support cancer research, programs, advocacy and other areas where it’s needed most.

Cops for Cancer was created from the idea of one man and has grown into an inspirational force engaging police officers and other emergency services and their communities in the fight against cancer.

Police and emergency services personnel continue to help drive the Cops for Cancer program by organizing events throughout the province. The events range from head shaves to participating in bike rides such as Pedal for Hope to organizing various school-based fundraising activities.

To support Andrew’s goal of $19,000, please visit his donation page here. Whether you donate $25 or $2,500, every amount helps: 

Stouffville Animal Abuse Case Moving Forward

Calvin Barry, who is representing Vicky and Jason Small spoke with regarding the case moving forward.

Mr. Barry stated that five days have been set aside in August, should the case go to trial, but he anticipates the process will take up to two weeks.

“A guilty conviction could bring a maximum $60,000 fine, prohibition for life from owning livestock and up to two years in jail”, he said.

Barry said the challenge will be to put together an agreed statement of facts because “they all have different levels of culpability and complicity and aiding and abetting. …

“Obviously if there’s a guilty plea and the state is able to save all the resources of bringing in Crown experts and defence experts and witnesses and tying up the courts for a number of weeks, then the defendants under the case law could be given some credit for that to show the remorse and the closure and the finality of the proceedings.”

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Canadians could now be charged with drunk driving —Calvin Barry Warns in CBC News Article

With tough new impaired driving laws passed by parliament recently, criminal defense lawyers are accusing the legislation of being unconstitutional, with Calvin Barry calling it a breach of the charter.

Among the legislations supporters is Andy Murie of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), who insists the police still need probable cause to demand a sobriety test.  “Only if [police] suspect that you’ve committed an offence of drunk driving and they are following the investigation, and that investigation took them to your house or your bar”, he said.

Although Calvin is a strong supporter of MADD Canada, he said this time they have it wrong.

“Police do not require reasonable suspicion any longer,” Barry told CBC News.

Barry also warns Canadians they can be arrested and charged within the new two-hour time frame if their BAC has risen over the limit — even if they had been sober when they parked their car and planned to take a cab or transit home later.

“That is just a flagrant contravention of one’s civil liberties and a breach of the charter,” Barry said.

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Michael Wekerle was Travelling When 18-Year Old Died at His Caledon Home

Calvin Barry, who is representing Michael Wekerle, the former Dragons’ Den star, told the Toronto Star last week that he wasn’t sure exactly how long the accused had been living with his uncle.

Over the holidays an 18 year old man died at his Caledon estate, while Michael was away for the Christmas holidays. Police have charged his nephew, Johnathan Weir with first-degree murder in the case, who Calvin Barry is also representing.

“We’re going to mount a vigorous defence,” Barry said. “He’s innocent.”

Barry said he will seek to have Weir released on bail at a hearing scheduled for Jan. 21 in Orangeville court.

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Calvin Barry Representing Victoria and Jason Small in Emotional Animal Abuse Case

Calvin Barry was recently hired to respresent Victoria and Jason Small, who have been accused of animal cruelty and abuse causing death. This case made national headlines last spring when 28 dead or abused horses were discovered on a rented farm in Stouffville, Ontario.

Calvin Barry was in court recently, where his clients did not appear.

“The Smalls are not required to appear for these hearings and it’s not unusual for accused to steer clear of what could be considered a “hostile” environment”, Barry said.

“Anytime there are cases with heated debate, with political issues and victims, emotions can be stirring outside the courtroom or parking lot.”

The Smalls have a right to due process and are presumed innocent until proven guilty, he added.

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