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I hired Ahmad for a work benefit insurance related regulatory matter and am very happy to recommend him. He was a solid support to me during the stressful time when it was critical for me to patiently wait for every new development in my case. Ahmad is a thorough professional and very easy to reach out to. He takes time to understand your case and welcomes your input to discuss about it. My heartfelt thanks to Ahmad for his excellent approach to deal with my case. – W.S

Calvin, Rupinjit and the team always went the extra mile for me – and I‘m not just saying this because we won (but we did).

They kept me informed all the way along, told me what to expect, answered my questions and dealt with my some-times irrational fears.

Getting charged by the police is scary – especially in a sexual assault accusation where everyone seems so quick to jump to conclusions against you, they stood by me. For my money, I wouldn’t want to have anyone else on my side.

– J.K.

Calvin Barry and his team have been extremely helpful, easy to work with and were always available. They made me very comfortable in a very unsettling time of my life. I would always recommend Calvin Barry’s office to anyone who needs counsel.

Not only were they there for me professionally but also personally and they never shied away from giving me the courtesy of hearing me out.

– J.B.

I highly recommend Calvin Barry firm and team as I was facing a possible DUI over a incident and losing my licence that could threaten my job and losing my home and more, at first I was depressed and scared and had little hope of a good outcome as I spoke with other lawyers at first they didn’t seem too confident in my case! But I was recommended through a friend that had a different DUI incident and they helped her with the best outcome. So I called them up and instantly felt a little more relieved as how well informed in the legal system they are and that they could help me out to get the best possible outcome and fight to keep my licence and I felt that they actually cared and tried their best in every way and in the end they did pull threw and fought for me and got me the best possible outcome which I very satisfied with and was able to keep my license in the end! I strongly recommend Calvin Barry’s firm!

Sincerely, JP

Calvin & Lilit,

I wanted to extend my sincerest of gratitude to you both in the representation and handling of my victorious case.

Upon my entering your office, my decision to retain Calvin Barry and team as my legal counsel was nearly 80% complete. As our long-time friends Sandy and Jeremy Diamond endorsed you as the highest respected criminal lawyer, it was evident that I needed the best to represent me. My experience with your company throughout the year of my pending conviction was slightly unsettling as the correspondence seemed to be kept to a minimal. I’m sure you know from experience the copious amounts of emotional distress experienced by your defendants whom, at first, seem to require more emotional than legal support. After partaking in trial, it became vividly clear to me the level of immense diligence conducted by your team in finding any way to dismiss my case which was truly magnificent.

This conviction brought forth an experience that I will never forget and surely, my idiotic decision will never be repeated. It is beyond sad to note that alcohol has been a factor in 30-40% of road deaths in Canada over the past 15 years. Surely I’ve learned a valuable lesson of which will be shared amongst my network of family and friends throughout my life.

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your efforts of which are greatly appreciated. You can consider me an advocate, ambassador and long term referral client who will only speak wonders of Calvin Barry, Lilit Izakelian and team.

Kindest Regards,


I would highly recommend Calvin Barry and his law firm to any prospective client. Calvin and his team handled my matter with utter professionalism, kept me informed every step of the way, and settled my issue to my satisfaction. This is the law firm to go to if you want results.

– G. T.

Thanks so much for all your efforts in defending my case. I greatly appreciate all that you and everyone at your offices has done to defend me. Words can’t express how happy & am with the outcome. Your organization, and knowledge brought about this most favourable result! I am so happy & relieved to have this behind me. Words cannot express my appreciation. All the very best!

– D. C.

I met Calvin and his team through a mutual friend. My friend told me that Calvin was a great talent when it came to law and let me tell you that completely undersold Calvin. His performance in my case which lasted over a year was nothing short of stellar. The charges were very serious and my legal team absolutely destroyed them at the Prelim. I came away with a Peace Bond. Calvin is excellent at communicating but his brilliance lies in the back room conversations that will get your charges reduced or eliminated. I strongly recommend Calvin who is now my go to guy with all things legal. He is worth every penny that he asks for and I would contribute more if I could because the outcome of this trial is, well, …he saved my life.

– F. L.

Calvin Barry and his team did an amazing job with my charge of refusing to provide a breath sample. Calvin’s knowledge of the law and experience as a Crown Attorney was evident from our first meeting. Knowing I had an expert defending my case allowed me to carry on with my life during what could have been a much more stressful process. I was referred to Calvin by a friend who has also used his services. They said that Calvin was the best in the business and I am so glad I took their advice. Even though I dealt with different members of the firm throughout the process, everyone was on the same page and eager to help. I am now able to keep my career, licence and I have no criminal record. There is no price for that freedom yet Calvin’s prices were very fair and affordable. My life is back to normal and I highly recommend that no matter what your charge, see Calvin Barry for a consultation. You will instantly start to feel better and more confident that you have the winning team on your side. I cannot thank you enough Calvin and everyone who was involved. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

– K. M.

It is with great confidence that I refer anyone in my network to The Calvin Barry Corporation. I am a single parent and on camera professional whose work is primarily in the public eye, needless to say, it was life changing to be charged with an over .08. Thankfully a dear friend referred me immediately to Calvin. During the long process of preparing my case, I was kept informed and encouraged that all was moving according to plan. The entire team worked diligently at helping me understand the judicial process and the specific dynamics of the law as it pertained to my case. Without question, I was eternally grateful for all of the time, effort and energy that was spent on my behalf. David and Calvin were able to lower my charge to a non criminal conviction. My life would have been drastically altered had I not had this team on my side. These charges were life altering and would have immediately taken away my ability to provide for my children. Choosing the right legal team was one of the most important decision of my life.

I trusted Calvins’ reputation and I felt safe in the hands of his entire team.

Thank you Calvin, David and the entire CB team.

– S. L.

I am very grateful for what you have done for me. A burden has been lifted. I can get back to a normal life. All the best to you and your family over the Christmas Holidays. I am really very very happy that this is behind me and I can move forward.

– Client

Well I would suggest to you that young Noah did a great job today, on behalf of my son and myself thanks to your team. Thanks again for everything. Congratulate Noah again for me, he did a great job. Thanks.

– P. E.

“I got your voice mail. Great news! Thanks a lot for all the good work, once again! As for your invite for a celebratory glass of wine in Muskoka, I actually might take you up on that. Thanks again Calvin.”

– D. T.

“Just wanted to send you an e-mail thanking you for all the work you and your team have done that has lead to the successful outcome we got yesterday. It was not an easy day but I am grateful with the results and that it is finally over with. Thanks again and all the best.”

– J. P.

“I would definitely recommend the firm to someone else, I beat my case, and who beats an impaired! I have no complaints; it was a really good experience. It was cheaper for me to get a lawyer 400 miles away from me than it was to get a local lawyer. I didn’t even meet Calvin, but it wasn’t necessary for me to, the firm as a whole came together and beat my charge. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him and the other lawyers to friends, indeed, I have in the past! Getting an impaired charge sucks, but having a great lawyer in your corner really makes all the difference.”

– M. K.

“I probably did not thank you enough, because I am still in disbelief that this nightmare is over and I never have to appear in court. I am so very grateful for all your support and care. I really am very grateful to you.”

– M. S.

“I am very happy with the result and for the help we were provided along the way.”

– C. B.

“In October 2012 I was in court to have my matter heard in front of the judge. Mr. Barry had the matter withdrawn. I found Mr. Barry’s services excellent. The whole team at Calvin Barry’s office was great.”

– L. T.

“It was so reassuring when I saw you arrived that moment in court. Truthful to your words, my wife and I are so very grateful. Your personal representation plus your expertise and the pertinent facts that your associates had pulled together obviously contributed to the winning of my DUI case. Thank you for being a good lawyer to me and I wish you all the best and your family.”

– R. G.

“As a young working adult, with an over 80 it’s pretty hard to get things rolling when you have to rely on others and have no transportation to get to work. I got recommended to Calvin and his legal aid, if it weren’t for them I would have a criminal charge and have my license taken away with a heavy fine. Calvin and his team did a tremendous job getting the crown to give a good offer that I could not refuse, it was a “1 out of 200 chance” the crown would happen to do so. Calvin Barry and his team made it work. I now have a careless driving and I am able to commute to and from work and for work purposes. I would like to thank all of you for your dedication and making things easy for me so I could and still can keep my working habits strong. Greatly appreciated and is strongly recommended.”

– B. K.

“I would like to thank the team from the Calvin Barry Professional Corporation. Your team provided me exceptional service from the outset, and more importantly a victory in court. Your team is highly competent and professional; you say what you’ll do and then go ahead and do it. Unfortunately, that is an elusive commodity today. I would strongly advise any individual in need to take advantage of the services provided by this exceptional legal team. Words cannot convey my appreciation.”

– J. C.

“Over the past 20 or so years, there have been numerous occasions where legal council has been required whether for myself or other associates. When professionalism and experience is paramount I have always relied on Calvin Barry. He has always come through when the going got tough and so far has never let me down and have had exceptional results due to his total commitment to the causes. He has earned my highest praises and comes highly recommended for guaranteed results.”

– A. J.

“Calvin Barry was referred to me by a former client of his to handle my Criminal Domestic case. Calvin is a direct no nonsense lawyer who knows the system from the inside out, and knows how to protect his clients. Even though another one of his lawyers handled my case, every time we communicated Calvin knew all the minor details and truly cared for me, he understood my position and had empathy about the delicate personal situation I was in. In the end, listening to Calvin was the best advise, patience perservered and justice was served. If I ever need a lawyer again, Calvin is my man. Thank you Calvin.”

– A. M.

“Calvin Barry and his Team helped me out tremendously with what could have been a terrible outcome that would have affected my future. They took all the weight off my shoulders so I could continue functioning stress-free in my day to day activities. Their team was fair and very professional. They assessed the situation, made recommendations and resolved the charge quickly. The End result is that I now have no record. Thanks to Calvin for his personal hands-on support and a big thank you to his team.”

– E. C.

“Faced with the Criminal Code charge of Over 80, I was scared and overwhelmed. As a young professional, I was not prepared to have a criminal record for the rest of my life. I knew I needed the best legal representation possible. A family member (who happens to be a lawyer in Toronto), referred me to Calvin Barry. I was told that Calvin is well known in the legal community as the “go-to guy”, especially for Impaired/Over 80 charges.

Calvin and his team handled all pre-trial/disclosure/crown appearances & discussions which meant that I never had to take time off work. As someone who has never had so much as a speeding ticket, and no prior court/legal experience, having everything looked after by Calvin & his team took a lot of worry out of my hands.

Calvin understood the implications that a criminal charge would have on my personal and professional life. He strongly advocated on my behalf, reducing the charge from one under the Criminal Code, to one that falls under the Highway Traffic Act. When I was scared and stressed, he was able to put me at ease. I appreciated his direct, no-nonsense approach. I’m so thankful to have had Calvin Barry as my legal counsel, and highly recommend him to anyone facing criminal charges- especially Over 80 & Impaired!”

– C. F.

“I was acquitted of my Impaired and Over 80 charges. You’re the best lawyer in Canada! I’m one relieved man. You and your team are truly the best. I cannot thank you enough!”

– R. F.

“When my over 80 case came to light there was really no light at the end of the tunnel. I put this in Calvin’s hands and I can finally move on with my life. Thank you Calvin. As we left the courtroom in Timmins, a man even tapped Calvin on the shoulder and said ‘you’re good!’ Glad to have had you on my side.”

– D.Y.

“I was very happy with the outcome of having my Over 80 charge withdrawn.”

– W. P.

“Great service, fast, affordable, kept in contact at all times. Best of all, I received an acquittal.”

– P. A.

“I was very happy with the outcome of my trial and I would recommend Calvin Barry to anyone that is facing charges of impaired/over 80 in the province of Ontario.”

– R. G.

“Calvin Barry did everything he said he would do from our first meeting. Including right down to ensuring my finger prints and photos were expunged after I was acquitted of my charges.”

– S. K.

“I just want to thank you and the team for the excellent outcome to my case. I appreciate your expertise and the extra miles run for me.
Best regards.”

– Anonymous

“As a Realtor I rely on my license for my job. Calvin and his team made a terrifying ordeal manageable. I thank Calvin and his team for their professionalism and of course my license. I highly recommend Calvin and cannot thank you enough.”

– Peter Muto Sutton Group Signature Realty

“I was very happy with Calvin Barry’s services. He did an excellent job and I would recommend him to anyone who has an issue in this area.”

– J. B.

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