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Criminal Defence Lawyer Calvin Barry spent sixteen years as a Senior Crown Attorney, has appeared as a Criminal Prosecutor at all levels of Trial Court, and has Prosecuted many high-profile cases including more than 100 jury trials.

We are a team of criminal defence lawyers serving Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton and the entire Greater Toronto area. Calvin Barry has extensive experience in Criminal law, built on a foundation of over sixteen years working as a Senior Crown Attorney, you can be assured that your case will be handled by a lawyer with a vast background and expertise in DUI/Impaired Driving, Domestic Violence and Abuse  and Criminal Law.


Years Experience in Criminal Law


Judge and Jury Trials

Experienced Criminal Defence Lawyers in Toronto

In his private practice criminal defence lawyer Calvin Barry has defended high profile fraud cases, drug related matters, assault, theft, manslaughter and murder charges. Mr. Barry has been particularly successful in defending a large number of drinking and driving charges, such as impaired driving, over 80 mg of alcohol in the blood and failure to blow. Mr. Barry is currently a member of the Criminal Lawyers Association. He is a past director of the board of the Ontario Crown Attorney’s Association (1990-2000), and , in particular, worked as Treasurer of the Association (1994-95) and as a member of the Association’s Finance Committee (1996-97). He has also served as a member of the Toronto Mayor’s Task Force on Drugs (1995-98); a director of the Board of Directors of Variety Village; and a director of the Osgoode Hall Alumni Association.


Calvin is a well known criminal defence lawyer in Toronto for a reason. He knows all of the possible defences you can use in your particular case and which ones will likely be successful in winning your impaired driving, domestic assault case and more. In fact Calvin Barry has restricted his entire legal practice to criminal defence matters which means he will not practice in other disciplines of law. From your initial free meeting, Calvin will look at your case, review what happened on the day you were charged and explain all of the possible defences that may be used to win your case.

Criminal Law Practice Areas

Toronto DUI Lawyers

Have been charged with impaired driving in Toronto? Calvin Barry and his team of Toronto DUI lawyers have successfully defended numerous cases involving drinking and driving allegations. Our criminal defence law firm has extensive experience in this area of law specifically.

Domestic Assaults

If you are charged with domestic assault, do not plead guilty before you consult with a lawyer at our firm. Calvin Barry and his team have successfully defended numerous cases involving domestic assault and have experience in this area of law.

Sexual Assaults

Have you been charged with sexual assault, sexual interference or other sexual related offences? The criminal defence lawyers at Calvin Barry Professional Corporation can help. We have extensive experience with this area of law.

Violent Offences

If you are facing charges of a violent crime, you should seek the advice of our criminal lawyers immediately. These offences can carry severe penalties and you need to ensure that your rights are protected. We have represented clients with a broad variety of violent crime charges successfully.

Drug Offences

If you are charged with a drug related offence do not plead guilty before you consult with one of our lawyers. We understand that all criminal allegations are serious to the person charged, and at Calvin Barry Professional Corporation, we have successfully defended numerous types of drug offences under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.


Calvin Barry and his team have successfully represented individuals charged with various types of fraud, and fraud related offences. Fraud is committed when one, by deceit, falsehood or other fraudulent means, defrauds the public or a person of any property, money, valuable security or any service.

Calvin Barry in the Media:

Impaired Driving Defence

Over 80mg

In Canada, a criminal charge of driving Over 80 means that you had a blood alcohol level that was higher than what is legally allowed. If you’ve been charged with an Over 80 offence, Calvin and his team can help. 

Impaired Driving

If you’ve been charged with Impaired Driving in Toronto, our defence lawyers at Calvin Barry Professional Corporation can help. Our team has successfully defended over 1,000 Impaired Driving cases in Toronto and the GTA. 

Refuse Sample

If you’ve been charged with refusing to provide a breath sample when you’ve been suspected of driving while intoxicated, we are here to help. Calvin Barry is one of the best known DUI lawyers in Toronto for a reason. Experience matters when dealing with serious criminal charges.

Care & Control

At Calvin Barry Law, we have experienced and knowledgable lawyers who specialize in defending these serious charges. If you’ve been suspected of DUI or Impaired Driving and have been charged with Care & Control contact us today for a free consultation. We are here to help. 

Bodily Harm

If you have been charged with Impaired Driving Causing Bodily Harm, it is imperative that you seek experienced counsel immediately. Calvin Barry has decades of experience defending DUI cases and offers a free consultation to learn more about your case.

What to Do When You've Been Charged with a DUI

Hiring a reputable and trustworthy criminal defence lawyer like Calvin Barry is the first thing anyone who has been charged of driving under the influence should do. Make sure a good defence is established early as a DUI is a serious criminal offence. 

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