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Has There Been an Increase in DUI and Other Criminal Activity During COVID-19?

It can’t be ignored that despite stay at home orders and rising cases of COVID-19, crime and DUI remained about the same, if not more. Businesses and individuals both local and elsewhere are feeling the effects of a slower economy, but law enforcement may be seeing an increase in some criminal activity.

Has Crime Changed?

Closed-door crime has had a recent rise. There are more reports of domestic violence and abuse because more people are staying indoors and are forced to be together more than usual. Other crimes such as shootings and robberies have gone down but car theft has seen a perplexing increase. Law enforcement speculates that it could be because people are not tending to their vehicles as much, giving thieves more opportunities to steal cars. The police also report that calls to their department have decreased overall.

How About Burglaries and Breaking and Entering?

Commercial break-ins and burglaries have seen a slight increase. With businesses closed down, criminals are taking it as an opportunity to rob stores and other businesses, often those that do not have security measures in place. On the other hand, home burglaries and break-ins are experiencing a sudden drop.

Is it True That More People Are Committing DUI?

Although drinking and driving have always been a common crime, it is baffling if it is to have as many cases during the pandemic. COVID-19 caused businesses to shut down. Bars, restaurants, clubs, and gatherings are now at a halt, giving people fewer opportunities to get drunk. This observation of fewer cases of DUI cases is not just seen in Ontario. The same observation is evident in other major population centers in North America but this does not mean that a DUI charge can be taken lightly.

Pandemic or not, criminal charges are prosecuted to the full extent of the law. If you know someone who needs a criminal defence attorney or a DUI lawyer in Toronto, rest assured that Calvin Barry is available to take cases. Calvin Barry is a criminal defence attorney in Toronto with decades of experience championing the law.


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