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Avoid These 4 Big Mistakes When Dealing with False Charges

Handling legal matters is not very pleasant for most people and even more so when you are dealing with false charges. As valid as your indignation may be over getting falsely charged, you must make sure to keep a level head and avoid making mistakes that can make things a lot worse for you. Remember that the priority is to prove your innocence and you can only successfully accomplish that if you avoid the following mistakes.

Being Reactionary About the Situation

It is normal to feel that things are unfair when falsely accused but panicking and being emotional will not help you in the long run. Reacting without thinking can mean that your actions and what you say can be used against you in the future. It is best to remain calm and know that a small mistake can cost you a lot later. Controlling your emotions even when you are frustrated and angry can help you appear calm during your arrest and when attending hearings. This is important because emotional outbursts can make people suspicious and form negative opinions of you. That is the last thing you want when trying to prove your innocence.

Confessing to Authorities

A lot of people believe that falsely admitting to wrongdoing early on can be favourable later but know that this is likely to cause more problems rather than make things better for you. While it is true that those who admit to crimes may face lesser punishment when found guilty, that is not the same as facing no punishment at all if you are not guilty. If you are confident that you did nothing wrong, trust that the law will be just and will see through the false accusations or false charges against you. Do not confess in the false belief that things will be better that way. More so, it is best to give a statement to the police after you have consulted with your lawyer.

Not Calling A Lawyer ASAP

A good criminal defence lawyer can be the difference between walking away unscathed and having your entire life revolve around the false charges against you. By failing to call a lawyer immediately, you risk saying things and doing things that can be detrimental to the outcome of your case. More so, some crucial steps in defence can be time-sensitive. You need to be guided by a lawyer as soon as possible to make sure that you handle yourself in the least damaging way.

Going for Shortcuts

Getting justice is a long and complicated process. Legal procedures take time and it can be tempting to want to go for shortcuts or to stray from the legal plan that your lawyer planned out. No matter how strong the temptation is, remember that your defence lawyer has the legal knowledge and experience to give you the best chance of success in proving your innocence.

With everything said above, be sure to listen to your criminal defence lawyer to avoid further mistakes when dealing with false charges. If you do not have a criminal defence lawyer like Calvin Barry in Toronto, you can consult with one before hiring to determine if the lawyer is a good fit for you. Prudence in dealing with false charges can go a long way in helping prove your innocence.

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