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What to Do If You Are Falsely Accused of Domestic Assault

It is easy to villainize people who have been charged with domestic assault; but the fact is, a significant number of them are victims of false accusations. They face discrimination with or without a conviction because a lot of people believe that someone who has been arrested will most likely have committed a criminal offence. That is far from the truth. What should you do if you have been falsely accused of domestic assault?

Innocent and Arrested for Domestic Assault

There are many individuals who will do whatever they can and fabricate evidence in order to hurt someone. In the case of someone falsely reporting a partner for domestic assault, the victim is not just hurt emotionally but is also socially and legally affected. A conviction for domestic assault can bear life-long consequences and so everything must be done to prove someone’s innocence if they truly did not commit the allegations against them. Good thing is that if you’ve been accused, you can hire a criminal defence lawyer to ensure that you have proper legal representation to help you fight for justice.

What to Do If Your Spouse Lied to the Police to Charge You with Assault?

No matter how stressed and hurt you are, you must remember that any action coming from you and any word you say can be used against you. You need to protect yourself and do no create any reason for you to face additional charges. Start by getting a criminal defence lawyer. Be sure not to make statements to the police unless specifically asked and your lawyer should be informed of this. Work on your bail with your lawyer and make sure to comply with all bail conditions. Create a personal record of the allegations against you that your lawyer can go over with. Do not make a guilty plea for a crime that you did not commit and do not accept any resolution offered to you without consulting your lawyer. Remember, you need to protect yourself legally.

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