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Charged with DUI? Know What Factors Affect Your Blood Alcohol Level

Are you aware that blood alcohol level as a basis for determining intoxication isn’t as straight up as it seems? Although defined as the amount of alcohol present in an individual’s blood, just the numbers alone don’t tell the whole story. A person’s blood alcohol level is used as a determining factor when charging someone with a DUI based on the legal limit; however, understanding the factors affecting the blood alcohol level can help formulate a defence against DUI. Below are some factors that can cause the blood alcohol level to be higher or lower.

Genetics and Biology

Some people just have a lower alcohol tolerance level because of genetics, or may appear more heavily intoxicated because of facial flushing or reddening of the skin. Women often have a lower tolerance for alcohol because of lower body mass and muscle mass as compared to men. This is important to consider because people who have more muscle are able to metabolize alcohol faster.

Foods Eaten On The Same Day

People who have a meal before drinking alcohol tend to have a slower rise in the blood alcohol level as compared to those who’ve had alcohol on an empty stomach.

Medications and Other Drugs

Some substances increase the effect of alcohol. Examples are depressants drugs which can magnify the effects of alcohol by as much as 10 times. Someone who’s taking a depressant drug and had a single shot may appear heavily intoxicated despite the low alcohol consumption.

Amount and Time

The alcohol consumption rate directly affects the blood alcohol level. Someone who’ve had 3 shots over the course of 3 hours will register with a lower blood alcohol level as compared to someone who’ve had the same 3 shots in just 30 minutes.

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