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Concerning Drinking and Driving Statistics in Canada for 2021 (Part 1 of 3)

Deaths and accidents related to drinking and driving remain as one of the biggest public safety issues in Canada like it is for the rest of the world. Violent deaths due to alcohol-related driving incidents continue to cause pain for lots of families, even more than the combined number of hostage situations, armed robberies, and murders by serial killers.

DUI is an ongoing issue that is a concern for the Canadian government and its citizens; which is why we are sharing the Drinking and Driving Statistics Canada for 2021 That You Should Be Concerned About. Below is part 1 of this series and covers DUI statistics worldwide as it related to Canada.

1.35 million deaths annually are caused by impaired driving worldwide

According to CDC, Our World Data, impaired driving takes more lives annually at 1.35 million deaths while homicide and suicide are the combined cause for only a million deaths. Impaired driving joins health-related issues such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, respiratory diseases, diabetes mellitus, liver conditions, together with other road accidents as one of the global leading causes of death worldwide.

Our world data shares that alcohol use is a major factor contributing to fatal road accidents especially in developing countries. Drunk driving is also linked to millions of injuries and is responsible for about 188,000 annual deaths globally.

Drunk driving statistics reveal that alcohol decreases cognitive efficiency and impedes fine reflexes even in small amounts

Research shared by the World Health Organization shows that higher percentages of blood alcohol levels are dangerous. This is the reason why most countries have a limit on the allowable blood alcohol level. Unfortunately, even small doses can have a big impact that can mean the difference between life and death for those involved.

This is an old statistic by the WHO but considering that the use of drugs is not decreasing and number and that it also causes impairment of one’s ability to drive safely, then it is certainly a concern.

WHO says that the use of amphetamines may result in more aggressive driving and irrational decisions which may lead to more road accidents. Statistics show that opioids, cocaine, and cannabis cause the same although in smaller percentages compared to amphetamines which are more readily available. Some people may argue that cannabis does not affect driving but studies show that cannabis use is linked to attention issues as well as increased recklessness and lack of coordination.

The above is just part 1 of our series on the Drinking and Driving Statistics in Canada for 2021 That You Should Be Concerned About. If you find yourself needing legal help due to an alcohol or drug-related DUI charge, then contact us so we can get you in touch with Toronto DUI Lawyer Calvin Barry.

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