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Charged with A Criminal Offence? Here’s What To Do.

Even without a conviction, a charge for a criminal offence in Canada will have grave consequences that you need to address before things go from bad to worse. Make sure to observe the following actions if you want to avoid more negative consequences after you’re criminally charged.

Do Not Breach Your Conditions

Once you are discharged from the police station and have received a copy of your charging paperwork, you will see that it contains a promise of things that you must not do and things that you should do. These stipulations have to be followed to the exact letter or you will risk a 30-day jail sentence without the possibility of bail. With this said, your release terms should also be followed even after your initial appearance in court.

Find A Lawyer As Soon As You Can

Finding a criminal defence lawyer to represent you should never be left for the last minute. Your lawyer is key to helping you make smart legal decisions that can help you avoid mistakes in your defence.

Choose Your Lawyers Wisely

The last thing you want is to hire just any lawyer out of desperation. A skilled and experienced criminal defence lawyer could spell the difference between a lifetime behind bars or getting your life in order. Find a seasoned lawyer for your case who offers accessible location and hours plus a friendly payment scheme along with a long list of successful defence wins. Be sure to schedule a meeting or a call before hiring your lawyer. Good rapport is important as you may be working with the same lawyer for quite some time.

Ask Your Lawyer About Bail Variation

Bail terms can vary between charges based on the specific circumstances surrounding each case. You should make sure to know the terms for yours and make sure that they are not too restrictive. For example, if you have been charged with domestic violence, the terms might say that you are prohibited from ever going back to your home. If this is the case, how will you get your letters and how will you fulfill your obligations? How will you have access to your documents as well as your belongings? Your bail terms can be negotiated with the Crown Attorney with the help of your criminal defence lawyer.

Observe All Deadlines

If you have a fingerprinting date, you have to be there on location at the exact time or it can lead to another criminal charge. Avoid missing any deadlines at all costs.

Do Not Forget to Document Everything

Even the smallest of details can have a big impact on your charge and the outcome of your case. Make sure to disclose everything to your lawyer and that you have a record of everything important saved in a safe place. Avoid writing things publicly such as on social media.

A criminal charge during the pandemic can make things more confusing and stressful but the challenging circumstances do not exempt you from the law. Know that you can successfully defend yourself even at this difficult time. If you’re looking for a law office that can accommodate you online, contact Toronto criminal defence lawyer, Calvin Barry.

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