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Why You Should Provide Full Disclosure to Your DUI Lawyer

The circumstances surrounding a DUI charge can be embarrassing and it could be tempting to try to hide some things from your lawyer. Perhaps you were out drinking with people whom you do not want to be publicly associated with, perhaps you were in a place you didn’t want anyone to know, or perhaps you drank because you were having problems that you do not want to share; but is hiding these things from your DUI lawyer a good idea?

Your DUI Lawyer is Your Ally

If you have been charged with a DUI, having a DUI lawyer to defend you in court is a smart move. Defending a DUI comes with a myriad of twists and turns that it is best to leave it to professionals to get the desired outcome. Know that your DUI lawyer cannot do their job properly unless you have a frank discussion regarding all that happened before, during, and after your arrest.

You Should Not Gate Keep What is Relevant or Not for Your Defence

The fact is that you do not know which details may be relevant or not for your defence strategy. You cannot tell which facts may be brought up in court or which things have no bearing on the case. In contrast, your lawyer knows which small details can help you and which ones to stay away from in court. It is best to share details with your legal counsel and let your lawyer decide which information could be helpful for your defence or not.

Things That You Share Are Confidential

You do not have to worry about your lawyer ratting you out because that is against their ethical principles. What you have to know is that your legal counsel needs to know confidential information so that a strong defence can be established on your behalf. You need to let your lawyer know of any possible weak spots so that the two of you can formulate a way to address it if it comes up in court.

Know That Nothing is Shocking to Lawyers

You may think that the things you have done could be shocking to an average person but a seasoned DUI lawyer like Toronto criminal lawyer Calvin Barry will not be fazed. Lawyers represent dozens up to hundreds of similar cases and whatever you may have done will have already been done by someone else or there is always someone who could have done worse than you. Know too that anything left out of discussion makes it difficult for your lawyer to defend if the prosecution brings it up.

Your DUI Lawyer is There to Protect Your Rights

Your DUI lawyer is your ally who is there to protect your rights. As an average person, you are not likely to be familiar with the laws concerning driving under the influence and how they can be used against you or to help defend you. You have nothing to lose and lots to gain by providing full disclosure to your DUI lawyer.

Your lawyer will not judge you for the information you share but the information you do not share will be a blind spot for your defence. You need to make sure that your lawyer has the information they need to properly defend your charge. Do you need a DUI lawyer in Toronto and nearby areas? Contact Calvin Barry today!

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