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7 Reasons Why We Need to Turn Every Day Into ‘Bring Your Pet to Work Day’

The majority of households in Canada own a pet. For people who own a pet, they feel that their pets are part of their family. The pets are there when they wake up, when they start their day, and as part of their daily routine. Since a lot of people already have a life that includes details related to caring for their pets, why not just bring their pets to work?

A lot of people worry about what their pets are doing when left at home.  According to a recent survey, 75% to 95% of workers said that their work-life balance, relationships, and morale at the work will certainly improve if they were able to bring their pets with them.

Science seems to agree with this. Employees who bring their pets to work seemed to have a better engaged and more productive work life. They are also happier and are less worried throughout the day. If you’re not yet convinced about making every day a ‘bring pet to work day’, then below are some compelling reasons that may convince you.

Pets Reduce Stress

There are numerous research studies that support the fact that having a pet can lower the blood pressure as well as anxiety of someone. For people who already have a mental health diagnosis, pets can improve mood and depressive symptoms. If all of these can be the benefits of having a pet waiting at home for you, just imagine how much more beneficial it would be if people have their pet at work with them.

Pets Improve Relationships

Working in an office or any facility for that matter will always come with dealing with conflicts. Having pets at work can help people form better connections because they realize that they share common interests.

Pets Can Improve Attendance

A certain percentage of people will not go to work if their pet is not feeling well or if they are dealing with anxiety and need to stay at home where they can be with their pet. If the pet comes to work with them, then this common reason for absences will be eliminated.

Lola supervising at the office

Pets Boost Creativity

Because pets are likely to go outside during the day and make sure that you get on your feet, they help employees stay active and therefore more productive. The extra boost in energy levels can also help with fostering creativity. Offices that have allowed pets at work report a significant increase in output.

Alice Cooper the office rabbit bringing smiles to faces all day long

Pets Bring Happiness

Pets just have a way of making a lot of people feel at ease in their presence, be it a new client, a stressed employee, or a visitor. Having pets around makes for a more relaxed environment which makes people feel at ease and therefore happier.

Pets Are A Big Factor In Flexibility

When people know that they can bring their pets to work, then they are more likely to be receptive to sudden changes in the schedule because they no longer have to think of who will be left at home with their pet or have to deal with making sure that they find a pet daycare for the time that they are supposed to be at the work.

Pets at Work Can Attract More Potential Employees

Companies that have a relaxed policy when it comes to pets tend to attract a lot of potential employees. More potential employees mean that it’s going to be easier for recruiters to find the best candidate for any vacant position that a company may have.

At Calvin Barry Professional Corporation, we love pets and have a welcoming policy when it comes to clients needing to have their pets with them. Contact us if you have any legal concerns in Toronto and the GTA.

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