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Calvin Barry Partners with Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown for Fundraiser


Mayor Brown showed his support for Brampton’s Sai Dham Food Bank at the Roger’s Centre with an event hosted by Calvin Barry Professional Corporation and Peel’s Papaji Foundation.

WHO: The Calvin Barry Professional Corporation, partnered with the active Papaji Foundation with special guest Mayor of Brampton, Patrick Brown in a private box function and fundraiser for the food bank.

WHAT: Calvin Barry Professional Corporation sponsored this event to help fight food insecurities during this unprecedented period of high inflation and rising food costs. “I had to get behind this event when Ashlee from the Papaji Foundation and recently appointed Ambassador for the Food Bank called”.

Of course, in the true Papaji Foundation event style, last night’s VIP event at the firm’s Roger’s Centre Box raised thousands of books and incredible prizes that were donated by various contributors for shelters, food banks and numerous other charities. Some of last nights exciting prizes included giveaways, games tickets for future games also an astounding big donation of children’s books in the value of $18,000 CAD. In addition to the items raised, an impressive $30,000 CAD worth of stylish leather bracelets were donated by Toronto based Leather Treaty. This new teen tween popular brand who corporately gets behind the action of giving is due to the founders having a commitment in their products having personalized positive messaging that will generate a more peaceful and caring world for all to live in.

Brown who previously has supported the Sai Dham Food Bank and who has articulated his personal mandate as Mayor is very engaged with the City of Brampton’s’ participation and involvement in the ‘2018-2028 Peel Region Poverty Reduction Strategy’.

Brown says “there is nothing more weighing on my mind more for me and the people of the City of Brampton that I serve daily and what they, or should I say, we are all facing with the current rise of inflation and the cost of living. At this time first and foremost Brampton’s City Hall should be focused on how we can target and reduce the impact of poverty through various measures to further aggressively tackle income security, spawn new economic opportunities in our city and well-being, and social inclusion for the people of the City of Brampton and this could be done together in tandem collectively with our neighbouring cities”. *In 2020, there were on average 7,058 Ontario Works cases (income support) per month for Brampton residents. *City of Brampton’s City \dashboard

“Growing up, I always admired my grandfather’s (Jack Lee Senior of Versatech) experience and humility, from being raised through the Great Depression and having to work at a young age to feed his family. He always made sure his children and grandchildren knew it was a privilege to have food on the table but sadly, this is not the case for many families around the world and even here in our country, says Dubreuil.” Keeping it within the family Ms. Dubreuil’s son Samir Thapar Junior was appointed lead ambassador for his great grandfather’s foundation in which he will co-share in some of the responsibilities and duties as his mother has for the past decade.

Vishal Khanna, Co-Founder of Sai Dham Food Bank, says: “We are genuinely excited and grateful to work the Papaji Foundation has done with is in creating avenues for new resources and donations that will allow us to further feed children and families across the GTA not only in Brampton at someday which is our goal. The Sai Dham Food Bank is the only food bank in Canada open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and we appreciate the little and growing miracles Ashlee, and the foundation has given us thus far.”

Calvin Barry

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Papaj Foundation

A Canadian incorporated registered charity, the Papaji Foundation aspires to create miracles for children around the world, helping in meeting their basic needs and inspiring them to dream and achieve. The Foundation is based on the lifelong work of Papaji Sikand, who along with Mother Teresa helped to feed and provide shelter for children for over 35 years through the building of orphanages in India. Papaji also started programs with hotels in Delhi to give away leftover food to orphanages and the homeless, a legacy that continues to this day and feeds over 700 people daily in the supercity.

Other Sponsorships and Partners

• 1500 Books – Papaji Foundation
• Just Temptations Cupcakes
• Metropolis Agencies
• Rasta Phil Entertainment and Joint Entertainment
• Nav Bhathia
• Mane on Bloor Salon – Gift Baskets

To donate to the Sai Dham Food Bank, please visit:

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