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Can You Get A DUI On A Bike in Toronto?

Using a bike to get to one place or another is a favourite mode of transportation for a lot of people in Toronto, especially for those who are health conscious or who are trying to be more environmentally friendly; but if you live in the city, then you probably have also wondered if it’s possible to get a DUI on a bike.

Although there are designated bike lanes in a lot of areas, driving a bike means having to take necessary precautions just like when you are driving a bigger vehicle. One of the precautions is that you are not supposed to ride a bike when you are drunk because drinking and biking is considered the same as drinking and driving when it comes to the law. Why? Because drinking and biking can lead to personal injury not just to yourself but also to other people who are around you in the event of an accident.

DUI On a Bicycle

If you had been caught by a police officer or an arm of the law while drinking and biking, then you must make sure that you hire a reputable DUI lawyer just like you would if you were caught drinking and driving. Because cyclists and bikers share the same public spaces with other people and bigger vehicles, then the same laws also apply.

If you were stopped by a police officer under suspicion of biking under the influence, then it can mean having to face severe consequences or even serving jail time. When you are driving your bike while drunk in public, it means that you are intoxicated in public and can therefore cause harm to yourself and harm other people.

For example, if you were seen by an officer swerving across lanes or biking in an erratic manner, then the police officer has a reason to suspect that you are impaired and may stop you. Once you are stopped, you might be asked to take a sobriety test or a breathalyzer test. This is important because if you fail the test, then you can be charged with a DUI and therefore you will have to defend yourself with an experienced DUI lawyer just the same as you would if you were caught drinking while driving a car.

Can You Be Charged with A DUI On A Scooter?

Whether you are driving a bike or a scooter while drunk doesn’t really matter. The same rules and laws apply to you because you are using a public road and controlling a vehicle in public while intoxicated. If you were charged for this, you risk having a criminal record and the same goes if you’re operating an e-bike, a moped, or similar vehicles. Make sure that you note the procedures that were done to you as well as how the officer conducted the test because this may come in handy when trying to create a defence against a possible DUI charge.

Hire A DUI Lawyer

Note that a DUI charge should always be taken seriously no matter how small or how big the vehicle that you are operating is. The law can be tricky and one small mistake can lead to a conviction that can have consequences for the rest of your life. The best course of action is to contact a DUI lawyer as soon as possible so that you would know what actions to take as well as what information you can give the officers without getting yourself too much in trouble. If you’re looking for a DUI lawyer in Toronto, be sure to contact Calvin Barry Law today.

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