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What Are the Consequences for A DUI Conviction in Ontario?

It shouldn’t take a lawyer to tell you that a DUI is a very serious offense that can have lifelong consequences. The wrong defence can mean a conviction that can mark one’s permanent record for years. Hiring a DUI lawyer should be the first thing on your agenda if you ever find yourself having to face a DUI charge. Some of the consequences of a DUI conviction are below.

Saying Goodbye to Your Driving Privileges

A DUI conviction is more than just having to pay fines. It also means losing your driving privileges for a period of time if not for life. This can have a huge impact on your day to day living as well as your ability to maintain some jobs. For how long you won’t be allowed to drive is based on the circumstances surrounding your case and the outcome of your sentencing.

Losing Promotion Eligibility at Your Job

This may not apply to everyone, but this is still something to consider. If you’ve been angling to get promoted anytime soon but your ability to perform your tasks or fulfill your role is negatively affected by a DUI conviction, then you may lose your promotion eligibility for a few months to years if not forever.

Having a Difficult Time Getting Hired

If you were unemployed when you got your DUI conviction or became recently unemployed because of it, you may have a difficult time finding a new job. A lot of jobs have stipulations against someone with a criminal record and a lot of jobs require someone with a clean driving record. These positions will be unavailable for you or be extremely difficult to attain even after you get your license back.

Taking Court Ordered Classes

You will have to take drunk driving education classes if you have been convicted of a DUI. These classes are selected and approved by the court and they are often scheduled at nights or weekends. Because they are court ordered, your attendance is mandatory. This means that you have to adjust your entire schedule around these classes.

Losing Your Job

Because your schedule will change beyond your control and because a lot of jobs have morality and/or conduct clause or may require an active driving license, a DUI conviction can mean losing your job except in circumstances wherein it can be excused. If not having your license can hinder you from performing your responsibilities or render you ineffective in your position, your employer may have a legal reason to fire you.

Paying Higher Insurance Rates

The higher your risks for accidents, the higher your insurance rate will be. This is especially true for someone with multiple charges or repeated convictions.

Going to Jail

Serving jail time is one of the most serious consequences of a conviction for a DUI. This is just one of the mandatory punishments along with paying fines and attending classes but as you’ve read above, the consequences can branch out to other aspects of one’s life.

Know that the entries above are just the expected consequences of a DUI conviction. You might also experience social consequences such as losing friends and impaired travel ability. This is why it is of utmost importance to minimize the long-term effects of a DUI charge by avoiding a conviction with the help of a great defence. Looking for a criminal defence lawyer in Toronto? Contact Calvin Barry if you’re after an experienced Toronto DUI lawyer to handle your case.

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