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Arrive Alive Study: Cost of a Drunk Driving Conviction is About $23,000

And that does not even include legal fees! There’s also the fees of somebody driving you around for the 90 days that you were suspended and then it’s about $800-$1200 on average in Toronto/GTA when your vehicle gets impounded. Food for thought! Next time you consider drinking and driving, please take an Uber. You can save money and lives!

From CityNews – Drinking and driving comes at a high price and now a new study has determined just how much a conviction will cost you.

The study by Arrive Alive determined the pocket expense drivers face upon a drunk driving conviction to be about $23,000.

Toronto police Sgt. Alex Crews said the numbers check out.

“The $23,000 cost can be broken down in this way — about $18,000 in insurance cost, about $5,000 in fees and in remedial measures,” he explained.

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Calvin Barry Professional Corporation