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Ways A Criminal Conviction Can Seriously Affect Your Life

Having a criminal conviction in Ontario can affect you far beyond the time you spend serving jail time, paying for fines, and adjusting after the conviction. Some say that the adjustment period never really ends because the effects can carry through the rest of one’s life in multiple ways. If you’re wondering about the ways a criminal conviction can seriously affect your life, keep on reading.

Expect Limitations on Your Privileges

Depending on what you were convicted for, some privileges may be limited or taken away from you. For instance, you will temporarily lose your privilege to go wherever you want while serving jail time. If you’re convicted for a DUI, you will lose your driving license for a period of time. Some convictions may restrict your traveling privileges too including the local places you can go to. For example, a conviction for harming children in any way may mean that you won’t be allowed to live anywhere near schools, parks, playgrounds, and similar areas.

Breaking of Personal Relationships

A criminal conviction eats away at your personal relationships beginning with the trial. Some friends and family may cut contact because they do not want to be associated with you. Romantic interests and partners may want to move on while you are stuck in jail. If your criminal conviction has something to do with hurting a family member, people will take sides and you can end up alone.

Difficulty Finding A Job

A lot of job positions got morality clauses and cannot hire someone with a criminal conviction. Some positions can be restricted for someone convicted of a specific crime. A criminal conviction cannot be hidden because it will show up in background searches. Employers cannot be blamed if they choose someone with a clean record if the choice to hire is between two candidates who are equally qualified as well.

Missing Out on Promotions

Just like mentioned previously, some positions may have specific clauses. If you have a criminal conviction for theft, use or distribution of illegal substances, or violence that can make the company look bad or compromise your ability to perform in a position, then it won’t be given to you.

Future Relationship Problems

Humans are social creatures that seek approval and want to conform. Someone who is perceived to be different in a negative light is likely to be shunned or labeled as someone to stay from consciously or unconsciously. If you do get to establish new relationships, you are likely to be suspected of negative things if things go south. Trust will be difficult to achieve as well as maintain.

With the above said, you must never take an accusation lightly more so if it is for something that could lead to a criminal conviction. Immediately contact a criminal defence lawyer if you’ve been charged with anything related to theft, drugs, violence, and other serious offences. Find a local criminal lawyer where you are from because a local lawyer will know of location-specific laws and other concerns that should be considered to help you avoid a conviction. If you’ve been charged with a criminal offence in Toronto and nearby areas, be sure to contact Toronto criminal defence lawyer Calvin Barry.

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