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How An Impaired Driving Charge Can Affect Your Life Negatively

A DUI charge can have long-term and significant effects on your life no matter how simple drinking and driving may seem. Below are some ways that a DUI can affect your life negatively.

You May Face A Civil Lawsuit

There is a high chance that someone was injured or has been endangered while you were driving while intoxicated. This may result in not just criminal charges but also a possible civil lawsuit. With this in mind, you may need both a personal injury lawyer and a criminal defence lawyer because a criminal conviction will land you in jail and a civil charge can mean paying a lot of penalties.

Employment and Education Issues

People charged with a DUI often deal with employment issues. They can get fired if a DUI charge is a stipulation against their employment contract or against the ethical restrictions of their position. Some schools have a condition that students must not have any criminal record and a DUI conviction can mean expulsion for some students. More so, students who have a scholarship may get kicked out of their scholarship program or face difficulty getting an internship or part-time job. Some jobs require an active driving licence which people with a DUI won’t have because of licence suspension.

Automobile Insurance Will Be Expensive

Your automobile insurance is likely to get cancelled after a DUI conviction and once you try to get another one for coverage, you will no doubt face a much higher rate because you’ll be considered a high-risk client. Some insurance providers can even turn you away or refuse to give you coverage.

You May Face Jail Time and Other Penalties

Depending on where you are, the sanctions will vary and can be progressive. If you were convicted one time, then expect that the penalties for consecutive convictions will be more severe. On top of this and jail time, you may lose your driver’s licence for a period of time which can be longer as well for consecutive convictions. An ignition interlock device may also be ordered for your vehicle. This device will not let you start your vehicle if alcohol is detected in your breath. The presence of alcohol will also be reported to the authorities who will be monitoring if you’re being compliant with the court stipulations.

Your Personal Relationships May Suffer

Your closest relationships may suffer after a DUI charge or conviction. You are likely to have issues with family as well as close friends and significant other which can spill to other areas of your life such as your business, your work, your school, and many more.

The good news is that you need not suffer from the negative effects of a DUI charge or DUI conviction in your life if you have a strong defence for your DUI. Contact Calvin Barry Professional Corporation as soon as possible if you’re looking for a reliable DUI attorney in Toronto to help defend you.

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