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Is it Harder to Get a Job After a DUI?

Jobs are not as easy to come by these days and even more so when you’re after a certain position of influence. A lot of companies perform detailed background checks prior to hiring, especially for positions that would be in the public eye or positions on a higher pay scale. This is when a long-forgotten DUI charge can come back to haunt you. A past DUI charge can have significant effects on your job prospects if it is not addressed properly.

Knowing how to address a DUI charge can help you plan for a better future but in the case that your old DUI charge is still around and can’t be written off your record, then below are the things that you need to know about getting a job after a DUI.

Is It Required to Disclose Your DUI?

Not all jobs require a spotless driving record and so you may be tempted to omit disclosing about having a DUI charge or just not mentioning it at all when asked. What you need to know is that honesty goes a long way and most companies would rather hire someone who has been transparent with them rather than someone who deliberately hid things from them no matter how minor a previous charge may be. While it is your choice to disclose or not, the consequences are decided by the person handling your application.

What to Expect After Disclosing A DUI Charge?

Nothing may happen or it could simply be recorded as something to note while not truly affecting your standing. In most cases, a DUI charge is only a big factor for jobs that require a perfectly clean driving record. What matters more to most companies are your qualifications and your character.

What is the Best Way to Talk About A Past DUI Charge?

Simply answer if ever the question pops up during the interview process. Briefly talk about what happened and what you have done to overcome it and refocus the conversation to your qualifications after admitting it was a mistake and stating that you have learned your lesson.

What About Job Opportunities?

Having reduced job opportunities is something that you cannot avoid after a DUI. Jobs such as delivery jobs or driving jobs will be out of your reach but if your career is something that does not involve driving, then it may not matter.

Is It Possible to Get A DUI Off Your Record?

If you have been convicted or found guilty of a DUI, there are still ways that you can possibly get it off your record with the help of an experienced DUI lawyer. A possible issue is that it will likely remain on your driving record but if you serve all penalties, pay all fines, and legally address the DUI with the guidance of a DUI lawyer, then it is possible to turn things around.

What to Do if You’re Arrested for DUI?

You need to make sure that a charge will not go to conviction to minimize the possible long-term effects on your future and job prospects. Canada has strict laws regarding DUIs so it pays to hire a local DUI lawyer where the offence took place. If you’re charged in Toronto, be sure to hire a Toronto DUI lawyer like Calvin Barry.

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