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The Worst Mistakes People Make When Charged With a DUI

Being charged with a DUI can be a nerve-wracking experience and people often make mistakes when they let emotions get the better of them. However, no matter how nervous you may be or stressed out when charged with a DUI, it is of utmost importance to remain calm and try to look at the situation from a legal perspective. After all, any information you divulge or say can be held against you. Here are the mistakes that you must avoid when you’re charged with a DUI to minimize the chances of you getting a criminal record.

Admitting or Assuming Fault

Do not say anything to assume or admit guilt, especially in front of officers who may note what you say as a blatant admission of fault.

Thinking You’re Guilty

Just because you’ve had a drink doesn’t mean that you’re guilty of a DUI or an over 80 charge. An official charge of driving under the influence or an over 80 means a violation of specific parameters set by the law. This is the reason why a breathalyzer is used to determine the alcohol level and why a second test is needed at the station because equipment can malfunction and you can look drunk when you’re not.

Driving When You’re Not Supposed To

Once a DUI charge has been filed against you, are not supposed to drive whether you are guilty or not, especially since your license was taken from you as part of the charge. The ramifications when caught is simply not worth it.

Not Taking the DUI Charge Seriously

A DUI charge is not just a traffic offence, it is a criminal offence with severe consequences. This means that a conviction will go into your record and will hamper your ability to travel, get certain jobs, or even own a home. Realize how serious a DUI charge is and base your next actions on that understanding.

Not Talking to a DUI Lawyer

You need a lawyer who has extensive experience in handling drinking and driving lawyer to make sure that you get the best legal representation possible. You can ask your family to help you look for a DUI lawyer or search for one yourself. Better yet, give Calvin Barry a call.

Calvin Barry is a DUI lawyer in Toronto who has a long track record of winning DUI cases and over 80 charges. Take a look at his credentials via LinkedIn or contact him via Twitter.

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