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Calvin Barry has years of experience defending assault charges in Toronto and the GTA.

Assault charges in Toronto can result in severe consequences that can significantly impact your freedom. Defending an assault charge in Toronto can be a difficult experience as you will be charged against the Criminal Code; therefore, you will need a criminal defence lawyer to effectively fight for your rights. Know that assault charges in Toronto can include cases of sexual assault as well as domestic assault.


At Calvin Barry law, we understand that different people may have different versions of events. It is possible that you were acting in self-defence or that the events could have happened in another way which resulted in you being charged with assault. It is important for us to have a full grasp of events so that we can help you deny or face the accusations and help you get the justice that you deserve.


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Assault Charges in Canada Explained:

Any act that applies force to someone without that person’s consent can be classified as an assault. This can include force that does not necessarily harm another person. Below are the different types of assault that will also vary in their severity:

  • Assault is defined as the use of physical contact or force with another person without that person’s consent
  • Assault with a weapon is defined as the application of force against someone with the use of an object. The weapon can be a traditional weapon such as a knife or a bat or it can be any object that was used together with the exertion of force
  • Assault causing bodily harm is defined as inflicting force to a person that causes injury to that person or using force that interferes with another person’s comfort or health
  • Aggravated assault is defined as an attack against another individual to wound, disfigure, or endanger their life
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So You’ve Been Charged with Assault

Sexual Assault

An assault that is sexual in nature is considered sexual assault. This is a serious crime and can result in serious damage to reputation once accused. As there may be false accusations of sexual assault, we have experienced sexual assault lawyers in Toronto to help defend erroneous accusations with a strategic and effective defence.

The penalties for sexual assault will vary according to personal circumstances as well as the severity of the act. If the accused person was found to be guilty due to DNA evidence, then that person will be convicted and entered into the sex offender database. This will usually be accompanied by long-term monitoring conditions as well as strict supervision.

Domestic Assault

Domestic assault is a type of assault that occurs between two individuals who were formerly or currently dating, married, or in a common law union. Being involved in a domestic assault can be very difficult to handle and will result in hardships for both sides. As one of the leading law firms in Toronto, we will help you get through your possible cases of a domestic disturbance. We will help you inform the law of your version of events so that the proper resolution could be achieved.

Know that a charge of domestic assault in Toronto means that you will usually go to jail with the possibility of bail. Our domestic assault lawyers are available on short notice if you need someone for a bail hearing. Having experienced lawyers at a bail hearing will help reduce the strict conditions that are usually imposed together with domestic assault charges.

We recommend consulting with us at Calvin Barry Professional Corporation to determine the best steps to take for your defence. Know that you are entitled to legal consultation upon detention or arrest and it is best to consult with a criminal defence lawyer before further actions from law enforcement.

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