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Here is a Compilation of Recent Media Appearances Featuring Calvin Barry by Various National Media Outlets.

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So You’ve Been Charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
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So You’ve Been Charged with a Sexual Offence
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So You’ve Been Arrested for Drug Possession and/or Trafficking
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So You’ve Been Charged with a Regulatory Offence
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So You’ve Been Charged with Impaired/Over 80
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So You’ve Been Charged with Assault
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You’ve Been Convicted, Can You Appeal?
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Calvin Barry, Canadian Lawyer

Calvin Barry Media Appearances

Calvin Discusses the Rob Ford Scandal on CityNews
Michael Sean Stanley Located
Toronto Constable Describes Charging Fellow Police Officer
Calvin Barry Interview on CTV
Left and Right: Immigration
Left and Right: Our Changing Canada
Left and Right: The Death Penalty
Left and Right: A Changing Palenstine
Left and Right: Civil Liberties
Left and Right: Legalizing Marijuana
Mary Gowans Found Not Guilty
Calvin Barry Reacts To Rick Vaive Verdict
Michael Coren & Calvin Barry Discuss Canada’s Newest Super Hero “Spiceman”

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Chris Larsen Cleared as a Suspect in Homophobic Attack

Ottawa Redblacks Lineman Chris Larsen has been cleared as a suspect: “he’s not a person of interest,” said Larsen’s lawyer Calvin Barry on Tuesday. “At most, he’ll may be a witness when they get the people that did do what occurred.”

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The Calvin Barry Criminal Law Award – 2021 Recipients

The Calvin Barry Criminal Law Award is awarded to a 2L student at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay who achieves the highest mark in the Criminal Law course in the previous academic year. If two or more students achieve the same mark, the award will be shared equally.

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Legal Commentary

FAQ for Charges of Drug Possession in Ontario

The Crown Attorney must prove that the item in question involved in a drug possession case is indeed an illegal drug according to the definition set by the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. Without a medical exemption, the following drugs are illegal to possess in Canada: cocaine, crystal meth, ecstasy, GHB, heroin, ketamine, LSD, magic mushrooms, opium and more.

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