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DUI lawyer in Toronto
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So You’ve Been Charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
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So You’ve Been Charged with a Sexual Offence
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So You’ve Been Arrested for Drug Possession and/or Trafficking
DUI lawyer in Toronto
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So You’ve Been Charged with a Regulatory Offence
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So You’ve Been Charged with Impaired/Over 80
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So You’ve Been Charged with Assault
DUI lawyer in Toronto
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You’ve Been Convicted, Can You Appeal?
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Calvin Barry, Canadian Lawyer

Calvin Barry Media Appearances

Calvin Discusses the Rob Ford Scandal on CityNews
Michael Sean Stanley Located
Toronto Constable Describes Charging Fellow Police Officer
Calvin Barry Interview on CTV
Left and Right: Immigration
Left and Right: Our Changing Canada
Left and Right: The Death Penalty
Left and Right: A Changing Palenstine
Left and Right: Civil Liberties
Left and Right: Legalizing Marijuana
Mary Gowans Found Not Guilty
Calvin Barry Reacts To Rick Vaive Verdict
Michael Coren & Calvin Barry Discuss Canada’s Newest Super Hero “Spiceman”

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What Are the Consequences for A DUI Conviction in Ontario?

It shouldn’t take a lawyer to tell you that a DUI is a very serious offense that can have lifelong consequences. The wrong defence can mean a conviction that can mark one’s permanent record for years. Hiring a DUI lawyer should be the first thing on your agenda if you ever find yourself having to face a DUI charge.

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Legal Commentary

Can You Get A DUI On A Bike in Toronto?

Using a bike to get to one place or another is a favourite mode of transportation for a lot of people in Toronto, especially for those who are health conscious or who are trying to be more environmentally friendly; but if you live in the city, then you probably have also wondered if it’s possible to get a DUI on a bike.

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Court decision a major victory for upholding our client’s rights

Protecting your legal rights is a responsibility I take seriously. My firm has always fought tenaciously to ensure those rights are respected and upheld with every step you take on your path to justice. It begins with our first conversation and only ends when your case is resolved.

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