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DUI lawyer in Toronto
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So You’ve Been Charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
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So You’ve Been Charged with a Sexual Offence
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So You’ve Been Arrested for Drug Possession and/or Trafficking
DUI lawyer in Toronto
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So You’ve Been Charged with a Regulatory Offence
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So You’ve Been Charged with Impaired/Over 80
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So You’ve Been Charged with Assault
DUI lawyer in Toronto
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You’ve Been Convicted, Can You Appeal?
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Calvin Barry Media Appearances

Calvin Discusses the Rob Ford Scandal on CityNews
Michael Sean Stanley Located
Toronto Constable Describes Charging Fellow Police Officer
Calvin Barry Interview on CTV
Left and Right: Immigration
Left and Right: Our Changing Canada
Left and Right: The Death Penalty
Left and Right: A Changing Palenstine
Left and Right: Civil Liberties
Left and Right: Legalizing Marijuana
Mary Gowans Found Not Guilty
Calvin Barry Reacts To Rick Vaive Verdict
Michael Coren & Calvin Barry Discuss Canada’s Newest Super Hero “Spiceman”

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DUI News

Facts About DUI Charges in Toronto and the GTA

Drinking and driving remain as one of the top public health concerns in Toronto despite warnings and campaigns by the law and media against driving while intoxicated. A recent survey ranks Canada as number 1 in alcohol-impairment roadway deaths amongst 19 wealthy countries, which is why a DUI charge is met with severe punishments and other life-long consequences.

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Legal Commentary

Bill C-5 Recognizes the Importance of Rehabilitation

For our justice system to be truly effective and fair, the punishment must fit the crime. That is why the recent passage of Bill C-5, which eliminates mandatory minimum penalties (MMPs) for 14 offences in the Criminal Code along with all six offences covered by the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act is both timely and necessary.

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Legal Commentary

Ways A Criminal Conviction Can Seriously Affect Your Life

Having a criminal conviction in Ontario can affect you far beyond the time you spend serving jail time, paying for fines, and adjusting after the conviction. If you’re wondering about the ways a criminal conviction can seriously affect your life, keep on reading.

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