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Calvin Barry and his team have successfully represented individuals charged with various types of fraud, and fraud related offences. Fraud is committed when one, by deceit, falsehood or other fraudulent means, defrauds the public or a person of any property, money, valuable security or any service.


If you are charged with a fraud related offence, do not plead guilty before you consult with one of our lawyers. Pleading guilty will result in a criminal conviction and the consequences of such a conviction may be highly prejudicial and expensive. Our firm will aggressively fight for your rights and raise every defence available to defend the allegations against you.


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Under the Criminal Code of Canada, Section 380.(1), every one who is found guilty of Fraud Over $5000 is guilty of an indictable offense that is punishable by a term of imprisonment up to fourteen years.


Under the Criminal Code of Canada, Section 380.(1)(b), every one who is found guilty of Fraud Under $5000 is guilty of an indictable offense that is punishable by a term of imprisonment up to two years, or in less serious cases, by an offence punishable on summary conviction.


Frauds can involve breach of trust situations involving employers, credit cards and debit cards, fraud involving contractors, and financial or other business or legal documents. As in all criminal cases, entering a plea of guilty to a fraud charge can have profoundly serious consequences and may affect your work, immigration status, reputation, family and your personal freedom.

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How Does A Fraud Lawyer Defend Criminal Fraud Charges?

Fraud charges in Toronto are categorized as either fraud over $5000 or fraud under $5000 based on the value of what was allegedly defrauded. It is normal for someone accused of fraud to have multiple counts of fraud charges if the alleged fraud took place over a considerable span of time. Because it is considered as a “property offence”, individuals facing fraud charges in Toronto must consult a criminal lawyer.

A plea saying that an individual is guilty of fraud can have grave consequences because it is a criminal offence. A conviction for fraud will result in a criminal record that can affect someone’s family, personal freedom, reputation, immigration status, and work. Anyone convicted of fraud will face a lot of challenges because it is seen as a crime of dishonesty.

Calvin Barry is a criminal defence lawyer in Toronto who has decades of combined experience handling both large-scale and small-scale cases of fraud. He knows how to identify and look for possible problems arising from a fraud charge and can formulate a strong defence that may result in an acquittal.

Know that to convict someone of fraud, the prosecutor must be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that fraud happened. This is often done with the help of witnesses and by untangling a fraud paper trail. Because of how complex things can be, your criminal defence lawyer can find evidence that can be excluded or challenged at every turn. Calvin Barry has experience dealing with fraud cases as a Crown prosecutor and later, as a criminal defence lawyer to spot any weak spot in the case. If you’re looking for a criminal defence lawyer in Toronto or Ontario to defend a fraud charge, contact Calvin Barry today for an obligation-free consultation at 1-866-961-4963.

FAQ for Fraud Charges in Toronto

What is the possible penalty for fraud under $5000?

Section cc. 380.(1)(b) of the Criminal Code of Canada says that someone guilty of fraud under $5000 is guilty of an indictable offence that can be punished by imprisonment of up to 2 years. The same offence is punishable as a summary conviction if the case were less serious.


What is the possible penalty for fraud over $5000?

Section cc. 380.(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada says that someone guilty of fraud over $5000 is guilty of an indictable offence that can be punished by imprisonment of up to 14 years.


What happens to a fraud case if I pay back the money?

Fraud cases are often quite challenging for a prosecutor to prove in court and require a lot of effort and time to be considered fully investigated by the prosecutor’s office and the police. In some cases, offering to pay restitution or the value of the property or money involved may result in an agreement to withdraw the charges instead of the prosecutor consuming so much time to prosecute a difficult case. The judge may also consider the offer to pay back the value involved in the fraud in determining what penalty to impose.


What are the defences to fraud?

Certain defences are available for someone charged with fraud just like with other criminal charges. Depending on the circumstances of the case, a lack of intent to defraud can be an effective defence.


Calvin Barry has successfully handled cases of fraud in Toronto and Ontario covering both fraud over $5000 and fraud under $5000. Call Calvin Barry at 1-866-961-4963 for an obligation-free consultation and to discuss the defence for your fraud charge.


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